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Global Sports Channel

Feb 1, 2021

James Cluskey chats to Tasha about life as a tennis professional and all of the things that make that interesting and the amazing people you get to meet, the places you get to go to. He shares how it all started and what sports he was into. 

Jan 27, 2021

Johan Kriek is a retired South African-American tennis player and founder of the Global Water Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering clean water to the world's neediest communities. He won two Australian Open titles and reached the semifinals at the French Open and US Open, as well as...

Jan 3, 2021

At the age of six Vera Zvonareva picked up a tennis racket and never looked back. Growing up in Moscow she honed her game on courts that had carpet as the surface. Her first overseas exchange experience when she was a young girl was to London, and she shares her memories of London, the food, the culture after traveling...